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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Welcome to the Learning Commons @ Perry Library!

The Learning Commons @ Perry Library is described as a collaborative environment that is jointly operated by University Libraries, Information Technology Services (ITS), and the Center for High Impact Practices (CHiP), which is located in the Student Success Center. Because the Learning Commons encompasses different departments, questions that we are asked at the Perry Library help desk can be related to one or all three areas. There is not an expectation for you to know the answers to all questions, but you should know HOW to find the answers to most questions. This guide,,,, and the Perry Library help desk binders should be consulted whenever you are presented with a question to which you can't provide an immediate answer. Learning Commons staff and your fellow student workers are also available to help with questions.

Below are some sample questions that you can find the answers to using one of the websites listed above or the Perry Library help desk binders. See if you can find the answers to the questions using the resources provided to you.

  • Where is the Military Connection Center?
  • Which computers in the Learning Commons have Final Cut Pro?
  • What are the hours for Special Collections & University Archives?
  • What is the phone number to the Student Success Center help desk?


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