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Updates to Libraries' Services

Relevant information related to ODU Libraries operations, resources and services during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


 LIBRARY INSTRUCTION: If you'd like to schedule an online library instruction session for your students, visit our Instruction & Workshops page.


  • We will not be offering print reserves until further notice. For alternatives, use the materials in this guide or contact your liaison librarian.
  • If you can identify ebooks that will be useful for your courses, contact Tracey Bowry or Rob Tench for purchase.
  • See also the list of Temporary Access to Publisher Resources in this guide.
  • For copyright/fair use questions, see below or contact Karen Vaughan


  • See our Assignments & Resources page for developed assignments that you can adapt for your courses.
  • For General Education and Multidisciplinary courses, contact for assistance with developing library or research assignments.
  • For assistance in developing research assignments for upper level/in-major and graduate classes contact your liaison librarian.

 Consider using any number of Open Educational Resources (OER) in designing your remote-only instruction.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidance

 Read the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

"It is evident that making materials available and accessible to students in this time of crisis will almost always be a fair use. As long as we are being thoughtful in our analysis and limiting our activities to the specific needs of our patrons during this time of crisis, copyright law supports our uses. The fair use doctrine accommodates the flexibility required by our shared public health crisis, enabling society to function and progress while protecting human life and safety."

While copyright restrictions have been different for in-person vs online teaching, during this Coronavirus pandemic, most of the legal issues are the same in both contexts. If it was okay to do in class, it is often okay to do online, especially when your online access is limited to the same enrolled students. Contact Karen Vaughan if you have questions.

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