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History Collections on Microform

Civil War

Brockett, Linus Pierpont, 1820-1893. The Camp, the Battlefield, and the Hospital, or, Lights and Shadows of the Great Rebellion: Including Adventures of Spies and Scouts, Thrilling Incidents, Daring Exploits, Heroic Deeds, Wonderful Escapades, Sanitary and Hospital Scenes, Prison Scenes, Etc....
Philadelphia, National Publishing Co., 1866.
Microfiche: E655.B86
Confederate Imprints 1861-1865.
New Haven, CT: Research Publications, 1974.
ODU Microfilm: E487.C6 (145 reels)
Guide: Micro E847.C62

Charleston, South Carolina, City Directory
Research Publications, Inc.
Microfilm: F279.C4.U55 (3 reels)

Civil War and the Confederacy: The Business Records of Fraser, Trenholm & Company of Liverpool and Charleston, South Carolina, 1860-1877 from the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool
Over 200 letters from 1860-1869 include subjects such as blockade running, battles, armament supplies. Over 600 letters cover 1870-1876 dealing with the aftermath of the war, and the various attempts by the U.S. government to recover funds formerly belonging to the Southern States.
Microfilm: E488.C588 1998 (13 reels)
Guide: Micro E488.C58 1998

Civil War and Reconstruction: The Making of Modern America: The Papers of Jay Cooke (1821-1905)
Describe politics, finance, and metropolitan culture in the Civil War and the Gilded Age: the papers and letters of the leading banker who helped fund the Union War Effort.
Microfilm: E467.1.C66 C58 1997 (100 reels)

Confederate Imprints 1861-1865
Text of titles listed in Crandall and Harwell bibliographies.
Microfilm: E487.C6 (145 reels)
Guide: E487.C62

Confederate States of America. Records of the Confederate States of America,
1859-1872 (Pickett Papers).
Washington:  Library of Congress, 1967.
Microfilm: E487.A7 (70 reels)

Confederate States of America.  War Department.  Letters Sent by the Confederate Secretary of War to the President, 1861-1865.
Washington:  National Archives, 1963.
Microfilm: E457.962 1861-1865 .C66 1960 (2 reels)

Guinn, Gilbert Sumter, 1929- .  Coastal Defense of the Confederate Atlantic Seaboard States, 1861-1862:  A Study in Political and Military Mobilization.
Ann Arbor, MI:  University Microfilms, 1974.
Microfilm: UG412.C66.G8 (1 reel)

Index: Weekly Journal of Politics, Literature and News: (Devoted to the Exposition
Of the Mutual Interests, Political and Commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States
Of America. Gleanings from Northern and Southern Press, Southern Statistics, Private letters from the Confederate United States). 1861-1865
Microfilm: E482.I43 (2 reels)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865: Papers, 1833-1916
Washington: U.S. Library of Congress
Microfilm: E456.L4 (97 reels)

Records of the Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution
through the Civil War
Series E, K,M.
Bethesda, Maryland.  University of Publications America
Microfilm: F213.R43 Ser.M 1994

Slave Trade 1858 - 1892
Confidential Print Series Vols. 1-50
Scholarly Resources Inc.
Microfilm: HT1321.G7 (10 reels)

Telegrams Sent by the Confederate Secretary of War.
Washington:  National Archives, 1963.
Microfilm: E487.T45 (1 reel)

United States. War Department: Letters sent by the Department of Florida and Successor Commands, April 1861-Janury 1869.
Washington: National Archives, 1980
Microfilm: E558.4.U575 1980 (2 reels)

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