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History Collections on Microform

Women's History

(More Women's Studies microform resources)

American Women's Diaries: New England
Diaries of women from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries: 21 reels
Microfilm: HQ537.A64
Guide: HQ537.A64

American Women's Diaries: Southern
Diaries of women from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries: 34 reels
Microfilm: HQ541.A64
Guide: HQ541.A64

American Women's Diaries: Western
Published and unpublished works by and about women in the Western U.S. during the 18th and 19th centuries including diaries, autobiographies, personal histories and transcripts of oral interviews: 35 reels
Microfilm: HQ549.A64
Guide: HQ549.A64

Cornell University Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets
Collection of 117 pamphlets published between 1814-1912 on rights and legal status.
Microfiche: HQ1154.C67 Guide in fiche.

FBI File on Eleanor Roosevelt
Reproduced documents drawn from the FBI files about Mrs. Roosevelt based on her actions within certain social causes and her public opinions that have been released under the Freedom of Information Act: 3 reels.
Microfilm: E 807.1.R48 G85
Guide: E807.1.R48 G85

Legal Status Of Women 1800-1900
How the development of law during the 19th C. impacted women: includes case books, practice manuals, pamphlets, speeches and books on legal form: 152 fiche.

New England Women and Their Families in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Primary sources on everyday life: family papers, letters and diaries provide glimpses into family life, relationships, advice and information on earning a living, sickness, child rearing, education and women's contributions: 33 reels
Microfilm: HQ1418.N48 1997
Guide: HQ1418.N48

Papers, 1913-1972
Letters, memoranda, speeches, articles and committee reports of the National Woman's Party concerning labor legislation, eligibility for jury service, and appointments to federal positions: 66 reels.
Microfilm: JK1881.P3

Papers of Carrie Chapman Catt
Unpublished papers including items on women's suffrage, world peace, and women's rights as well as diaries and letters: 18 reels
Microfilm: HQ1413.C3 C37 1983

Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt
Three different sets covering 1933-1945 includes her correspondence: 20 reels, 1945-1952 includes her correspondence, political and social views and friends: 131 reels, and 1945-1962 presents documents related to her work at a delgate to the United Nations: 39 reels.
Microfilm: E807.1.R48
Guide: E 807.1.R48 (1986 and 2003)

Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
14,000 documents including all issues of the newspaper Revolution, correspondence, diaries and journals, testimonies before legislatures, financial papers and formal writings from both women: 45 reels.
Microfilm: HQ1413.S67
Guide: HQ1413.S67

Records of the Women's Joint Congressional Committee
Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, membership lists, and printed matter relating to the Committee's work in promoting legislation on social welfare, education, and women's rights: 7 reels.
Microfilm: JK 1896.W65 1983

Scrapbooks, 1848-1900: Containing the History of the Woman's Rights Struggle in the United States
Reproduction of 34 volumes of clippings, handbills, speeches, programs, etc. from the Susan B. Anthony Collection at the Library of Congress: 7 reels.
Microfilm: JK1896.A6

Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century
Home life, courtship, slavery, education, child rearing, marriage, and religion are all discussed through diaries, letters and financial records. Set includes 4 series of which Series D Part I focuses on Tidewater Virginia materials: 183 reels.
Microfilm: HQ1412.S68 Series A, B, C, and D. Guide: HQ1412. S68

Virginia Woolf Manuscripts from the Berg Collection
Largest gathering of Woolf writings in the world including diaries, letters, reading notebooks, manuscripts of her works, articles and reviews: 21 reels.
Microfilm: PR6045.O72 A6 1993 Guide: PR6045.O72 A6

Virginia Woolf Manuscripts from the Monks House Papers
Includes 17 reading notebooks which provide insight into Woolf's habits of reading and criticism, 11 unpublished but finished manuscripts, and 6 unpublished story drafts: 6 reels.
Microfilm: PR6045.O72 A6 1985 Guide: PR6045.O72 A6

Witchcraft in Europe and America
Over 1,000 primary and secondary sources from the mid-15th c. to the mid-18th c. and includes anti-persecution writings, legal and church documents, transcripts of trials, and eyewitness accounts of persecutions and executions: 104 reels.
Microfilm: BF1565.W57 1983 Guide: BF1565.W57

Witchcraft in New England
Printed history and interpretation of witchcraft ocurrences from 1648 through the 20th c., and centers around the 1692 Salem materials. 3 reels
Microfilm: BF1575.W57 1992 Guide: BF1575.W57

Women's Periodicals 18th Century to the Great Depression
Periodicals written by or relating to women covering a wide range of topics and include such titles as Women and the Social Control of Their Bodies, The American Suffragette, and Archiv fur Frauenkunde und Eugenik: 74 reels.
Microfilm: HQ1101. W67

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