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History Collections on Microform

General Resources

African Repository (African Repository and Colonial Journal), 1825-1892.
American Colonization Society (Liberia)
Microfilm: E448.A25

Great Britain. Foreign Office: Slave Trade, 1858-1892
British Foreign Office Collection: M.Glazier, 1977
Microfilm: HT1321.G7 1977a (10 reels)

Lyndon B. Johnson National Security Files: Africa, 1963-1969
University Publications of America, 1987
Microfilm: E846.L96 A47 (11 reels)
Index: E846.L96 A47

John F. Kennedy National Security Files: Africa, 1961-1963
University Publications of America
Microfilm: E183.8.K46 A57 (18 reels and supplement 1)
Index: E183.8.K46 A57 (and suppl. 1)

Ilsley, Lucretia Little.  Southern Rhodesia's Independence Struggle Microform:  the role of Immigrants and Investors.
New York:  Andronicus Publishing Co., 1976.
Microfiche: DT959.I47

Richard M. Nixon National Security Files: Africa, 1969-1974
Congressional Information Service
Microfilm: DT38.7.R53 2003 (11 reels)

United States. Consulate: Cairo, 1864-1906
Despataches from United States Consuls in Cairo.
Washington: National Archives, 1955.
Microfilm: E183.8.E3U5 (24 reels)

United States.  Department of State.  Records of the Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Ethiopia (Abyssinia).
Washington:  National Archives, 1962.
Microfilm: DT382.5.U6.R43 (4 reels)