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Special Collections & Archives Guide

Learn how to access, use and experiment with primary resources in the learning laboratory!

Tell Us Your Story

ODU students during a Black Lives Matter March

We are actively collecting current and past experiences of the ODU and local community during the COVID-19 Global Health Pandemic and with Social Justice and Activism activities. Please submit your story so that we can preserve it for future generations. Your story matters!

Share Your Story Related to Social Justice and Activism
We are dedicated to safely documenting our community's experiences during the ongoing international, national, and local #BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as stories of current and past involvement in similar social justice movements. We are actively seeking personal stories related to social activism and the concerns of historically marginalized groups including, but not limited to, African Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQIA+, Women, Latinx, and Native Americans.

Share Your Experiences During the COVID-19 Global Health Pandemic
To document this unique moment in history, we encourage members of the ODU and Hampton Roads community to keep your own record of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and submit them to the ODU COVID-19 Archives. By documenting your experiences now, you can help future generations understand what it is like to live during the pandemic.

Tell Us About Your or a Loved One's Experiences During School Desegregation and Massive Resistance
The Desegregation of Virginia Education (DOVE) Collaborative was created to encourage the preservation of records that tell the story of Virginia's school desegregation process. Can you help us by telling your story? We are interested in the experiences of students, parents and educators in Virginia schools and colleges from the mid-1940s to mid-1980s. Read the stories of others.

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