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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Learning Commons Expectations

Starting Your Shift

Whenever you start a shift at the Perry Library help desk (whether you are a Team Lead, LC Equipment, or LC Consultant), you should do the following:

  • Wear mask at ALL TIME
  • Check the message board in 1307. This board is kept up to date with new information about the Learning Commons, the help desk, and your duties and expectations while staffing the desk. 

  • Open a browser tab for,, Open Room reservation system, and log in to Monarch OneSearch.  Having these pages open in advance will decrease the time you need to look up answers to potential questions.

  • Log in to Alma. You should log in to Alma for loaning out equipment and other University Libraries materials. Google Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for Alma.

  • Check your emails.  It is important that you keep yourself up to date with what's going on in the Learning Commons.  If you only have one Learning Commons shift, for example, you should look for any Learning Commons emails that were sent out since your last shift.

  • Locate the help desk tracker. Have it handy for making tallies of patron interactions. 

Help Desk Duties & Responsibilities

  • Always clean your station before and after your shift. 

  • Greet patrons with a smile as they approach the desk. A simple, "Hi, how can I help you?" works great!

  • Answer the help desk phone when it rings, by saying, "Thank you for calling the Perry Library Help Desk. How may I help you?"

  • Please do not use your cell phone or eat food while staffing the help desk. If you need to step away from the desk for emergency purposes, please let Learning Commons staff know.

Expected Behavior 

  • If you arrive late for shifts always notify your supervisor. 
  • Always have the desk covered. If a restroom break is needed, please keep time away from desk to a minimum. Breaks for longer times are provided up to 30 minutes to students working longer than six hours at a time. 
  • Please wear appropriate clothing while working. Hats, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, and clothing with other schools' logos are not considered appropriate for work. 
  • Always be mindful and complete tasks from your supervisor and appropriate Library staff. 
  • Please refrain from chatting with friends, having them sit behind the desk, or socializing with your colleagues while you are not scheduled. 
  • Please do not visit unknown or inappropriate websites. ‚Äč
  • Make sure to sign in to your designated workstation as soon as you arrive to your shift. 
  • Please make all personal phone calls before your shift. The phone at the desk should not be used to make personal calls. 
  • Please refrain from using electronic devices (headphones, laptops, cell phones, iPods, iPads, Apple Watch, etc.) while working behind the Perry Library Help Desk. If you need to use your cell phone in the event of an emergency, please step away from the desk. 
  • Consumption of food or drinks must be done prior to shift at the Perry Library Help Desk. It is okay to have water, so long as it is in a closed container and kept under the desk. 
  • Always provide patron's UIN and MIDAS when coming to the office for help.