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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Learning Commons/Perry Library Hours

Due to the pandemic, our hours have changed. 

Sunday  9am - midnight

Monday - Thursday 7am - midnight

Friday 7am - 10pm

Saturday 9am - 10pm

Other University Libraries Service Points

The hours for other service points within University Libraries will vary.  If a patron expresses they need a service that another service point handles, make sure you give that patron the correct information.  For the sample interaction below, let's pretend this interaction takes place on a Friday during the fall semester:

Patron:  "I need to speak with the Interlibrary Loan Office.  What time do they close?"

LC Student Worker:  "The Interlibrary Loan Office closes at 5:00pm."

**** While the building closes at 10:00 pm on Fridays, the Interlibrary Loan Office closes at 5:00 pm***



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