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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Student Study Rooms

Open Room is the webpage that is used to make reservations in the Learning Commons collaboration rooms or the group study rooms on the upper floors of the library.  All of these rooms are only available to ODU students in groups of two or more.  Faculty and staff are not permitted to reserve a collaboration or group study room. If they are working with a student, the student should reserve a room under their MIDAS username.

 There are two room reservation kiosks in the library. One is in the Learning Commons near the single elevator, and one is on the 2nd floor near the old Circulation Desk.   There are panels outside of each room that indicate whether the room is reserved. A red panel means the room is reserved and will include the MIDAS username of the student who has the room reserved. A green panel indicates the room is available.

While students can reserve a room on their own, a student may ask about an empty room with a red panel.  All Learning Commons student workers at the desk have the ability to cancel a reservation for an unoccupied room. Review the Open Room PowerPoint below so you can familiarize yourself with the process of cancelling or making collaboration room reservations.

In order to open the attached PowerPoint, select Save As, save the document somewhere on your computer, and then select Open.