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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Lost & Found Procedures

All items that are brought to the Perry Library help desk should be logged into the lost & found log and placed in the gray bin underneath the desk. 

When logging items into lost and found, make sure you fill out all of the appropriate entries and give a detailed description of the item.  For example, instead of logging an item as just "book," provide the title of the book in the log.  Providing adequate information will make it easier for everyone to identify the item.

Items such as IDs, credits cards, cell phones, etc. should be placed in the middle Perry Library help desk drawer after being logged.  Let Learning Commons staff know if there are larger valuable items that cannot fit in the middle Perry Library help desk drawer (i.e. laptops, tablets, etc.).  After being logged, these larger items will go into the file cabinet marked "safe" in the Learning Commons Office room 1307 (behind Linh's desk).

If a patron is inquiring about a lost and found item, the patron should give an adequate description of the item.  For example, if a patron lost a cell phone, the patron is expected to be able to tell staff the color and make of the phone ( i.e. blue iPhone, red Galaxy, etc.)  Do not show a patron a lost and found item before they provide a description.

If a patron describes an item that you see in lost & found, they are expected to show a valid picture ID (this ID does not have to be an ODU ID) in order to claim the item.  All sections under the Items Claimed or Picked Up section should be filled out by an ITS student worker or Learning Commons staff with the owner of the item providing their signature on the log.

A lost and found item will only be released to the owner of the item.  Lost & found items will not be released to anyone else.

After logging them into the lost and found log, flash drives given to the Perry Library Help Desk should be placed in the cardboard box of the Perry Library Help Desk.  The log should include a description of the flash drive (i.e. color, storage space, etc.). 

Learning Commons’ overnight and closing staff will log all identified and unidentified flash drives in the lost and found binder. If someone says they received an email about a flash drive, check the log and make sure all sections of the log are filled out when the patron comes to claim the flash drive.