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The Learning Commons Student Worker Training Guide

This guide is designed to help Learning Commons student workers know what to do when working at the Perry Library Help Desk.

Evening Reference Training and Technology Specialist


757-683-4168 (from the help desk phone you can dial extension 3-4168)


When should I tell a patron to contact Evening Reference Training and Technology Specialist?

  • When the patron has a question about equipment that you are unable to answer.
  • If an event in the Learning Commons conference rooms needs more tables, chairs, etc.
  • Learning Commons training needs

*If the patron wants to speak with the Evening Reference Training and Technology Specialist regarding an equipment loan matter that falls outside of equipment loan policy (i.e. they want a camera to be placed on hold for them, they want to extend their due date by a week, etc.) you should refer the patron to the Equipment Loan Exception Request Form. Stefan Hancock should only be contacted if the patron insists on speaking with someone.