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Graduate Student Library Introduction

Borrowing & Interlibrary Loan

Graduate students can check out up to 75 books for an entire semester! Don't forget to stop by the University Card Center and pick up your student ID the next time you're on campus. This also serves as your library card. If you are a distance student, we will mail books directly to you via Interlibrary Loan!

We also have DVDs, government documents, and other physical resource types available for check out for a more limited time.

See our Borrowing Services page for more details.

Multiple Choice: I can check out books using my:
University ID Card: 28 votes (100%)
Passport: 0 votes (0%)
Driver's License: 0 votes (0%)
Birth Certificate: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 28

With Interlibrary Loan, you can:

  • Have ODU-owned books mailed to you (if you're a distance student)
  • Request books that ODU doesn't own and pick them up at Perry Library or have them mailed to you
  • Request book chapters to be scanned and delivered electronically
  • Request journal articles that ODU does not subsdribe to to be delivered electronically

Best of all, Interlibrary Loan is FREE!

True or False: Interlibrary loan is complicated and I won't have time to use it.
True: I don't have time to use Interlibrary Loan, so I should just pay for the articles that I need.: 0 votes (0%)
False: Our Interlibrary Loan staff will make the process super-easy and convenient.: 16 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 16

Our Physical Spaces

If you are looking for a quiet space in Perry Library (our main library) to work or study, the best place to go is the 4th floor. The 4th floor is the designated quiet study area, and there are cubicles located on each side of the floor

Multiple Choice: The best place to go for peace and quiet in Perry Library is:
The first floor: 0 votes (0%)
The second floor: 2 votes (8.33%)
The third floor: 2 votes (8.33%)
The fourth floor: 20 votes (83.33%)
Total Votes: 24

The Learning Commons @ Perry Library is located on the first floor of Perry Library. It provides a collaborative work space. You can reserve group study rooms, check out equipment, and print. This is also where you will find the library Help Desk.

True or False: I can eat my lunch while studying at the Learning Commons @ Perry Library.
True: 16 votes (80%)
False: 4 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 20

Our Music and Art Libraries are also located on the Norfolk campus. The Music Library is located in the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts building and includes music scores. The Hofheimer Art Library is located in the Barry Arts Building on Monarch Way and houses our Art books collection. If you're looking for Music History or Art History, you'll find those books at Perry Library.

Special Collections and University Archives is located on the 3rd floor of Perry Library. Here you will find primary resources related to local history, the history of ODU, manuscripts, and more!


Multiple Choice: The hours for the branch libraries are:
The same as the Learning Commons @ Perry Library.: 3 votes (20%)
They vary during the summer and holidays, so I should check before going.: 11 votes (73.33%)
They are open by appointment only.: 1 votes (6.67%)
Total Votes: 15