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Graduate Student Library Introduction

Dissertations & Theses for Research

As a graduate student, you will want to start searching early on for dissertations related to your interests for a number of reasons:

  • You may want to find out if anyone has done anything similar to what you are thinking of doing for your research, both to make sure your research is original, and to network with researchers in your field
  • To find examples of tests or measurements used for a particular topic or type of research
  • To make use of cited references lists on your topic (many databases provide direct links!)
  • To look at dissertations published at your institution or advised by specific faculty

Check out our in-depth help guide on Dissertations & Theses when you are ready to begin searching!

True or False: I don't need to look for dissertations until I write my own dissertation.
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If you are completing a dissertation of thesis for your program, it will be published in the ODU Digital Commons! If you publish in a journal or present at a conference during your time at ODU, this is also a great place for you to showcase your work.

Learn more about the ODU Digital Commons