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Graduate Student Library Introduction

Dissertations & Theses for Research

As a graduate student, you will want to start searching early for dissertations related to your research interests:

  • To find out if anyone has done anything similar to your potential research, both to make sure your research is original, and to consider networking with other researchers in your field
  • To find examples of tests or measurements used for a particular topic or type of research
  • To look at references on your topic that others have cited (many databases provide direct links)
  • To look at dissertations published at your institution or advised by specific faculty

Check out our in-depth help guide on Dissertations & Theses when you are ready to begin searching!

If you complete a dissertation or thesis at ODU as part of your program, it will be published in the ODU Digital Commons. If you publish in a journal or present at a conference while studying at ODU, our Digital Commons is also a great place for you to showcase your work.

Learn more about the ODU Digital Commons.

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