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Graduate Student Library Introduction

Citation Management

Citation Management Software can help you manage, organize, and format your citations. They can also:

  • Import and organize information from library databases and other search engines
  • Save links to pdfs and other documents
  • Format citations for your papers and bibliographies
  • Include your own keywords and notes
  • Sync to Microsoft Word to format citations in your papers

Commonly used citation managers are: Endote, Zotero, RefWorks, and Mendely

ODU provides FREE access to EndNote

PRO TIP: Explore and select the right citation manager for you early on in your program. This will save you a lot of time and stress when writing your dissertation!

The best time for me to start using a citation manger is:
Today: 22 votes (100%)
When I start on my dissertation: 0 votes (0%)
Never: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 22

What is EndNote?

EndNote is just one of many commercial citation management programs.  At ODU, it's FREE. It is a powerful tool for acquiring, organizing and managing references. You may acquire references in various ways:

  • Enter the reference manually
  • Search a library catalog directly through EndNote
  • Search a library database and export references directly into EndNote

“Cite While You Write” is a feature that allows you to incorporate references from your EndNote library directly into a Word document as in-text citations or footnotes and references.

There are two versions: the desktop version that must be installed on your computer, and an online version that is available anywhere you are

For more information and installation instruction please see our EndNote Installation & Help Guide!

If I need help installing EndNote, I should:
Call the EndNote hotline: 0 votes (0%)
Google it: 2 votes (15.38%)
Ask one of the ODU Librarians for help: 11 votes (84.62%)
Total Votes: 13