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Graduate Student Library Introduction

Wrapping Up

We can't teach you everything that you need to know in one sitting, but hopefully this guide has served as a good introduction to the ODU Libraries' resources and services, and some basic things that you need to know about research at ODU. Would you like to test yourself? Answer the questions below and the ones embedded throughout the guide!

As a result of this tutorial I am most likely to:
Install EndNote: 1 votes (8.33%)
Configure my GoogleScholar settings to link to ODU resources.: 2 votes (16.67%)
Check out ICPSR to find data sets.: 0 votes (0%)
Look for dissertations related to my research.: 2 votes (16.67%)
Use self-directed learning tools provided by the ODU Libraries.: 0 votes (0%)
Get my University ID so I can check out books.: 0 votes (0%)
Request resources through Interlibrary Loan.: 1 votes (8.33%)
Use Monarch OneSearch to find resources.: 1 votes (8.33%)
Contact my subject librarian.: 4 votes (33.33%)
Use a subject database that I didn't know about before.: 1 votes (8.33%)
Total Votes: 12