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Instruction at the ODU Libraries

Class-Level Assessment

Class-level assessment is very important to our program, and to our teaching librarians. Although assessment of long-term retention is difficult (or impossible) during a one-shot session, in-class assessments can tell us what students understand, what they don't understand, and can inform any changes that make to our future curricula. Your librarian is likely to conduct a formal or informal assessment during your session, and may ask to follow-up with you or your students later.

These are examples of activities that have been used and assessed during library instruction sessions at the ODU Libraries.

Programmatic Assessment

In addition to in-class assessments, programmatic assessment helps us to learn about what students are retaining throughout their interactions with the Libraries during their years at ODU. We reach our students at a number of points during their academic careers, and strive to gather information at each point of interaction to allow us to see a full picture of how we are supporting their academic success.

We assess every class that we teach by completing an internal form that records logistics, learning outcomes, assessments, and librarian reflection.

We track the cycle of improvement by recording and reviewing the answers to the following:

  • What is one thing about your teaching or lesson plan that worked well in this session?
  • Did you try anything new for this class based on your previous experiences? If so, categorize and explain.
  • What is oen thing that you would like to improve upon the next time you teach this class?

Faculty feedback is important to us! You will receive a link to a feedback form for each class that we teach for you. We appreciate you taking the time to complete it!