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ENGL 211C (Lobo/American Elections)

Fact Checking

Evaluating political news can be tricky, because most people have certain viewpoints and feelings about the issues. When evaluating sources it is important to: 

1. Do a gut check: Think about how the news makes you feel. It is o.k. to have an emotional response! It is important to follow that up with some credibility checks.

2. Verify: Use a fact checking site or a neutral news source to verify the information.

Explicit Bias: Attitudes and beliefs that can be positive or negative about other people, ideas, issues, or institutions. We are consciously aware of them.

Implicit Bias: Positive or negative beliefs that we not always aware of that have been developed over a lifetime. Even when trying to be completely objective, implicit bias can influence beliefs and decision-making.

Confirmation Bias: A subconscious tendency to seek and interpret information that confirms our existing beliefs.

Here are some websites that you can use to fact check sources. It's always good to fact check before sharing news on social media!