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Graduate Student Library Introduction


Welcome to the ODU Libraries! Whether your are on-campus, or a distance student, we are here to help you throughout every step of your research journey. This guide will introduce you to library services, the basics of finding resources, using databases, and managing your citations. Please see our subject guides for graduate research for more in-depth research in your area.

True or False: The library is for on-campus students only.
True: 12 votes (5.17%)
False: 220 votes (94.83%)
Total Votes: 232

Each subject area at ODU has its own librarian who is an expert in research for that area. If you are struggling, or just need a little extra help with your research, worry no longer! You can set up an online or in-person appointment with your librarian and she will help you as much as she can with all of your research questions. Simply email your librarian to set up a time to meet!

Subject Specialists

Art - Gay Acompanado

Engineering & Physical Sciences - Abbie Basile

Business & Economics- Miriam Bridges

Humanities - Elizabeth Hogue

Health Sciences and Life Sciences - Joleen McInnis

Social Sciences - James Rhoades

Education & Library Instruction Program - Karen Centeno

My subject librarian is
Gay Acompanado: 1 votes (1.16%)
Abbie Basile: 3 votes (3.49%)
Miriam Bridges: 5 votes (5.81%)
Elizabeth Hogue: 10 votes (11.63%)
Joleen McInnis: 6 votes (6.98%)
James Rhoades: 9 votes (10.47%)
Lucinda Rush: 23 votes (26.74%)
Karen Centeno: 26 votes (30.23%)
I'm not sure: 3 votes (3.49%)
Total Votes: 86

There are several ways to get quick help with library research.

  • Chat is a great way to ask technical questions, or to get help with a simple research problem, like finding a journal, book, or article. 
  • If you need quick help outside of Chat hours, you can call the Learning Commons Help Desk at 757-683-4178
  • For in-depth research help, email your subject librarian! 
In what ways can you get help from someone at the ODU Libraries?
Use Chat: 0 votes (0%)
Call the Help Desk: 0 votes (0%)
Email My Librarian: 2 votes (3.85%)
All Of The Above: 50 votes (96.15%)
Total Votes: 52

We work hard to create many online learning tools (like this guide!) for when you'd like to work through a problem on your own or learn about a new topic. Here are some of the best places to look for online help:

  • Library Guides are available for help with subject specific research, searching for specific types of resources, and how to do things like use EndNote or Cite. They are embedded with interactive tools such as videos, images, and presentations, as well as links to to most important resources and databases for each topic.
  • The ODU Libraries' YouTube Channel is full of short videos that show "how to" complete specific tasks, or provide short introductions to concepts in information literacy, research, and library services.

Don't see what you need? Let us know!

The Help Guide that I am most likely to use is
EndNote: 12 votes (30%)
Dissertations & Theses: 2 votes (5%)
GoogleScholar: 1 votes (2.5%)
Data Management: 3 votes (7.5%)
Citation: 15 votes (37.5%)
Government Information: 2 votes (5%)
Scholarly Metrics: 0 votes (0%)
Tests & Measurements: 0 votes (0%)
One of the other awesome Help Guides: 5 votes (12.5%)
Total Votes: 40