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Instruction at the ODU Libraries

Information Literacy Event, Fall 2017

Our Stop Trying to Make Fake News Happen! panel will be on Thursday, November 2 from 7:30-9:00 PM in MBG 102. It is free and open to all.

The goals of the event are to:

  • Introduce students to the news editorial process
  • Discuss how fake news is generated and spread, consumer responsibilities, and societal consequences
  • Discuss current events related to news and fake, misinterpreted, or biased news

The panel, hosted by Giovanna Genard, ODU's Assistant VP of Communication & Marketing, will include ODU faculty and local news journalists. Audience participation is highly encouraged!

Featured Panelists Include:

  • Brandi Cummings, WAVY-TV
  • Lora Hadzhidimova, Graduate Student, International Studies
  • Jakon Hays, The Virginian Pilot
  • Jeff Reece, The Virginian Pilot
  • Jesse Richman, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Ronald Rugg, WODU Studios General Manager, Student Veteran Association, and SGA Chief Justice
  • Sean Sadri, Assistant Professor, Communications & Theatre Arts

If you plan to give extra credit to your students for attending the event, please email to let her know. We will be passing out a non-reproducible "exit ticket" at the end of the event that students will need to turn in to you as proof of attendance.

Supplementary Assignments

Students will get the most out of this event if they are actively involved. One thing that you can do with your classes, is to encourage them to pre-plan questions to ask of the panel. They could generate questions in advance in a group, or as a class.

All students who attend the event will be asked to complete a brief survey to allow us to assess what students learned as a result of the event. We appreciate you encouraging your students to complete the survey!

The students can access the survey in 2 ways:

  • They will receive a link to the survey on an attendance ticket at the event
  • We will email participating faculty the link and ask you to forward it to your students

Articles & Stories About Fake News and Satire