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ENMA 601: Engineering Management

System Analysis of an Organization

One-stop-shop access to business information such as annual or 10k reports, financial data, company ratios, company history, list of competitors, current news, SWOT analysis, and more.

Corporate organizational charts may be hard to find. In some cases they may be published in the company's annual or 10k report. The following sources may be helpful.
Company websites often provide information about organizational values, management and strategy. Go to the company website and look for About (Company) or Investor Relations.

Use the following databases and websites to get an overview of the industry your company belongs to and the overall external environment that may impact your company.

Use the following databases to search for specific articles about your company. When searching you may also add specific search terms such as culturepersonnelmanagementinnovation etc.
Search examples: Apple and managementApple and personnel, or Apple and technology, Apple and "mission statement."

Business ratios are used to compare a firm's operating results with its competitors and identifes the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. 

To find out more about business ratios, visit the following websites:

  • A Guide to Case Analysis, pg. 5
  • Investopedia: Financial Ratio Tutorial