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Spotlight on Scholarship

Spotlight on Scholarship

The University Libraries spotlighted the research and recent scholarly output of the Department of Marketing in Fall 2013. Their research programs are diverse and include marketing ethics, male and female role portrayals in advertising, consumers’ financial well-being, retailing and customer services and much more.

An exhibit in the Learning Commons at Perry Library from November 4 through November 30 featured statements of current research, as well as selected journal articles and books from the past five years.

Faculty members from the department presented and discussed some of their recent research at a reception in the Learning Commons Conference Room on Tuesday, November 12, from 12:30-1:30. 

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Spotlight On Scholarship
Department of Marketing


 Welcome:  Virginia S. O’Herron, University Librarian

Opening Remarks: Anusorn Singhapakdi, Chair, Department of Marketing

“Marketing Faculty Research Areas and My Research in
Marketing Ethics and Quality of Work Life” by Anusorn Singhapakdi

“Latest Research on Male and Female Role Portrayals in Advertising:
Is Anyone Satisfied?” by John B. Ford

"Pathways to Consumers' Financial Well-Being"
by Chuanyi Tang

“Why We Buy What We Buy: The Roles of Loyalty vs. Habit”
by Yuping Liu-Thompkins

“Customer reaction to service providers with visible tattoos”
by Aaron D. Arndt

“Retailing and Consumer Services: Some Research Issues”
by Kiran Karande

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