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Instruction at the ODU Libraries

Designing Research Assignments for Your Courses

We assist students daily with a wide range of research and library assignments. If you see a student struggling with research assignments, please keep in mind that they can set up an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one help.

Years of experience and observation has taught us, that you can also help your students be successful by following these tips:

  • Avoid limiting students to print-only journal articles. Most of our subscriptions are electronic only.
  • Avoid sending an entire class to find one specific resource at the library.
  • Avoid scavenger hunts (check out some of our pre-designed treasure hunts that you might use!)
  • Concentrate on evaluating resources, rather than excluding or limiting to specific resource types
  • Collaborate with a librarian on designing a research assignment, or consider having a librarian test-drive your assignment!


You are welcome to adapt and use any of these assignments for your classes!

Resources for Information Literacy and Library Instruction

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