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English Composition

This guide will help you with finding resources for argumentative writing and other English Composition assignments.

Commentary & Analysis

Commentary or Analysis articles are sort of like editorials (opinion) but usually written by experts on a certain topic. While they may take a particular viewpoint or express opinions or feelings about a topic, they are also viewpoints or opinions that are grounded in the author's expertise and analysis of a situation or research. They are not like peer-reviewed research articles, in that they are not unbiased, but they can be important perspectives to consider.

Here are some examples of commentary and analysis publications:

Searching for Commentary & Analysis is not as simple as searching for research articles, but it can be done!

  • The CQ Researcher database provides facts as well as analysis of political and social topics.
  • Newspapers, trade magazines, and practitioner journals can be great places to find regularly published commentary articles
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