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ENMA 480: Ethics and Philosophy in Engineering Applications

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a great, FREE service you can use to receive research materials that the ODU Libraries do not own.  

* Do not pay for articles and papers from publishers!   Use our free ILL service instead.*


What types of materials can you get from ILL?

  • Printed items, such as books and complete conference proceedings, will be shipped and take 7-10 days to arrive. You'll have them for a few weeks and then we'll return the item for you to the original library that shipped it.

  • Electronic copies of articles and papers arrive via email within a few days.

How do you use ILL?

  • First, create your ILL account here:  Interlibrary Loan - ODU
  •  Then, you can:
  • use the online ILL forms to request materials OR
  • access Interlibrary Loan from your search results in the library databases
    • Example:  In Engineering Village, click "Find It" for an item.
    • If the full-text isn't available, a link to Interlibrary Loan will display (you'll need to be logged into your MIDAS account.)
    • Some of the item's information, such as author or title, will be pre-filled.
    • You will need to complete rest of the form and submit it.

How do you check on the status of an ILL request?

  • Login to your account and click on "Outstanding Requests" in the left-hand menu of the ILL page.

Need more info?

  • For more information, see ILL FAQs.