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HIED 752/852: Law in Higher Education

Materials For HIED 752/852

This research guide covers some of  the resources available to ODU community members who are researching about law in higher education. Law in Education is a mix of federal and state primary law; therefore, this guide will cover relevant federal and Virginia statutes and regulations. Access to some of the resources included in this guide is limited to users who have a MIDAS account. 

If you have any questions about using any of the sources listed in this guide, or any other reference questions, please contact me by email or phone extension.

Need to Practice?!

If you want to practice law research, based on what you learned in class, here are some activities that may help!

Activity #1

  1. Access the Nexis Uni database. Look up the case Grutter V. Bollinger, 539 U.S. 306
  2. Briefly scan the information and documents available
  3. Shepardize the case by selecting the “next steps” drop-down option on the right-hand side of the screen.

 Activity # 2

  1. Access the ProQuest Congressional database (either using the HIED 753/853 course guide or the Find Databases A-Z link on the library homepage)
  2. Search for “every student suceeds act”
  3. Explore available options.

Activity #3

  1. Use Google Scholar to search for legal documents related to Brown v. Board of Education.
  2. Use Google Scholar to search for legal cases pertaining to Norfolk City Public Schools (or any other topic that interests you).
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