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Monarch Book Club


Next Meeting: October 1, 2020, 7-8 PM via Zoom. Join us for discussion, prizes, and fun! REGISTER HERE!

Discussion Prompts

How does SLAY build community among players? How do you see

this reflected in the chapters written from other gamers' perspectives?

What is your favorite instance of community building in the book?


The debate around SLAY, both in the media and within Kiera's friendship,

is centered around the question of whether it is exclusionary. What are your

thoughts on this?


Think about why Kiera created SLAY. Why do you think people feel comfortable

demonstrating abusive behaviors in online games? How might game developers

work to prevent or combat this behavior? What do you think can be done to protect

vulnerable people?


Kiera introduces readers to her two identities, a parallel which challenges her throughout 

the book as she tries to keep her worlds separate. How does this divide affect her relationships

and responsibilities?


The media suggest that SLAY and its creator are to blame for Jamal's death. What do you think?

Can Kiera be held responsible in any way?

About the Monarch Book Club

The Monarch Book Club began in the Fall of 2019 to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to connect with the ODU Libraries and with each other through engaging conversations about readings. Our purpose is to provide structure for leisure reading and meaningful discussion of a diverse set of literature to our undergraduate students. The book club is student-driven as much as possible. We encourage students to vote on book selections, to lead group discussions, and to participate in the planning process.

We hope that participants in Monarch Book Club will benefit from interaction with peers who also enjoy reading, lively discussion of a wide range of topics, and by connecting with the University Libraries and the broader campus community.


  • Any undergraduate student at ODU can participate
  • The first ten students to register receive a free copy of the book (funding pending), giving priority to students who participated in the most recent book club. If you do not receive a free book, we encourage you to try Interlibrary Loan (free), or searching for a used copy at your favorite book store or online vendor. Your public library may also be a good option!
  • Participants should read the book prior to the meeting.
  • We will ask participants for ideas for discussion questions and send discussion questions to participants a week before the meeting.
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