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Naro Video @ ODU Libraries

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We’ve cut the ribbon on Naro Video @ ODU Libraries and christened the beautiful new space with champagne and popcorn. Thanks to the tireless effors of the staff of Old Dominion University Libraries, the legendary 43,000+ title Naro Video Collection has returned to Norfolk for the first time in five years in a permanent installation on the floor of Perry Library.

We offer new releases that roll in every week, curated selections from ODU professors and Naro Expanded Video veterans, and free theatrical screenings every month.

Need a membership? Join the Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries in person at the Perry Library Help Desk, you’ll need photo ID, proof of address. Memberships are $50 a year for individuals, $100 for families.


So you've got a car, huh? The best place to park for access to Naro Video @ ODU Libraries is the garage located next to Perry Library at 43rd & Elkhorn. An ODU parking permit or hourly payment is required to park on campus. Information on visitor parking can be found here, or you can call ODU Parking Services at 757-683-4004.

Support Us

Support Naro Video @ ODU Libraries

Sponsorships and gifts help Naro Video @ ODU Libraries purchase new releases, fill gaps in our collection, replace lost of damaged discs, and support our program of free film screenings and events. To make a donation, visit our official crowdfunding page where you can:

Leave a Tip
Enjoy one of our free Naro Minded screenings or discover a new favorite film in the collection? Consider a tip! We appreciate donations of any kind.

Sponsor a Shelf
$75/semester | $125/year

We’ll create a hand-drawn shelf card adorned with our big gold dedication sticker and display it next to a movie of your choice.

Sponsor a Genre
$150/semester | $275/year

Take over an entire genre and highlight your favorites with up to six hand-drawn shelf cards plus an additional dedication card to feature your big gold sticker.

Curate a Shelf

Work with our curator on your own “Spotlight” selection. Explore a micro-genre, highlight a filmmaker, or do a deep dive into a theme of your choice. 



An easy way to support us is to help close the gap of titles we missed during the collection's dormancy. Choose a disc from our wishlist and ship it to us directly. Each case will get a big gold dedication sticker. We do not accept bulk donations.



A Brief History

Norfolk's legendary Naro Video Collection comes to Old Dominion University Libraries by generous donation from store owners Tim Cooper and Linda McGreevy.

"Naro Expanded Video opened in Norfolk, Virginia in 1989 as part of a network of five Mid-Atlantic video stores owned by Barry Solan. In 1996, Solan took his entire stock of videos and sold the business to two locals: Tim Cooper, an alt-weekly film critic, and his wife, Linda McGreevy, an art historian and professor. Starting from scratch with their own collection of VHS tapes, Tim and Linda moved Naro Video to its longtime home on Colley Ave in Norfolk’s historic Ghent neighborhood.

Together, with a knowledgeable staff, Tim and Linda made Naro Video into a counter-culture landmark, a space dedicated to the sort of films that its corporate competition overlooked: challenging indies; global cinema; queer canon; documentaries on history, art and religion; a deep reservoir of classic Hollywood films; and the purest, most terrible trash. Naro’s collection grew to be one of the largest video rental collections on the East Coast, with over 42,000 titles in circulation."

-Naro Video Forever-

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