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Instructional Design

Database Search Strategies

In most cases, you will start your research with keyword searching. Keywords are the main aspects of your research topic. For example:

Example topic: In what ways has the COVID-19 pandemic changed teacher perspectives on virtual learning

Main Aspect Possible Keyword Possible Keyword
COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 Coronavirus
"teacher perspectives" "teacher perceptions" "teacher viewpoints"
"virtual learning" "online learning" "distance learning"

You will search for various combinations of your keywords. You may need to try several searches with various keyword combinations based on your search results.

Example One: COVID-19 AND "teacher perceptions" AND "online learning"

Example Two: Coronavirus AND "teacher viewpoints" AND "distance learning"

Use the limiters provided by the database to filter by format type, date, and more. For example, if you need peer-reviewed journal articles, look for the "peer reviewed journal" limiter.

Recommended Databases

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