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Citation Managers

EndNote is a citation manager provided by ODU that allows you to save & organize resources. It also has a built-in "cite while you write" function in MS Word.


Examples of Plagiarism:

  • Using someone else's ideas and passing them off as your own.
  • Copying word for word without citation
  • Paraphrasing without citation
  • Changing a few words of another author's work

How to Avoid Plagiarism:

  • Cite your sources using the appropriate style manual
  • Keep notes and documentation as you do your research
  • Do not "overquote" in your paper.
  • Cite paraphrased material
  • If using quotes, be sure to quote the exact words of the author

ODU Honors Pledge

"I pledge to support the Honor System of Old Dominion University. I will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism. I am aware that as a member of the academic community it is my responsibility to turn in all suspected violations of the Honor Code. I will report to a hearing if summoned."

Online Plagiarism Detector Tools