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Company Information

Essential Components:

Item 1: Business - a description of the company's operation and more
Item 7: Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition(MD&A) -discusses how the company’s strategy is working, including any obstacles and also discusses the company’s future directions.

The library has many resources that provide reports on individual companies. Use the resources to gather information about your firm, including company financials, company filings, company history, company ratios, and articles and reports about your company.

Financial analysts examine the financial performance of public companies and industry sectors for the investor community. Their reports identify strategic industry issues and provide financial forecasts.

Consider restricting the search to the 10-K annual reports; usually this will give you more relevant results. Open the More Search Criteria menu. In the keyword search area, type in the supply chain keywords that you're looking for (e.g. supplier or partner).

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