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Women's History Month

2007 - Women in Jamestown and Colonial Virginia


In recognition of Women's History Month and the Jamestown 2007 celebration, the Old Dominion University Libraries is featuring an exhibit, "Women in Jamestown and Colonial Virginia."  The exhibit is available through the month of March 2007 in the main lobby of Perry Library.  

The exhibit includes images and textual materials illustrating the daily life and habits of Colonial and Native American women. Curated by Martha Higgins.

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Microfilm and Microfiche

American Colonial Records: Virginia Research Publications: 19 reels. E 187.C6V5

Rolfe, John. Virginia in 1616. Richmond: Macfarlane and Fergusson, 1848. Library of American Civilization. Z1236.L53 no. LAC 40127

Selected Web Sites

Virtual Jamestown: Includes excellent primary sources such as court records, maps, and public records.    LINK

Also includes an interpretive essay Women in Early Jamestown

Colonial Settlement 1600’s-1763 Virginia’s Early Relations with Native Americans: Sponsored by the Library of Congress includes links to primary sources.   

Capital and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region 1600-1925:digitized books including first person narratives, early histories and historical biographies capture the region as it developed between European settlement and the 20th century.

Virginia Records Timeline: 1553-1743: Important collection of Thomas Jefferson manuscripts includes correspondence, official statements and addresses, and records of early Virginia laws.

Exhibit Photo

Selected Books in the ODU Perry Library

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