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Women's History Month

2008 - Women's Art: Women's Vision

     In celebrating Women’s History Month with materials relating to women in the visual arts, it seems appropriate to illustrate something broader than simply displaying monographs on particular artists. The ethnically diverse and historically expansive nature of women in the visual arts goes beyond sampling any individual’s work. What begs to be noted involves, in part, focusing on the international, i.e. Latin American artists, Post-Soviet artists, Africana and Pan-Pacific artists, folk artists, and traditional and avant-garde artists in America and Europe. Addressing the historical expansiveness of women in the visual arts, items were chosen relating to artists during the Renaissance, to early modernists, to contemporary and postmodern women who are not only artists, but are also writers and exponents of what is known as feminist art and art criticism.

-- Clay Vaughan
Hofheimer Art Library
ODU Libraries

Lobby Exhibit Photo

Books Exhibited

Exhibit books from the collection of the Hofheimer Art Library in the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts Center

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