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Publishing Your Work

Before submitting your manuscript, be sure to research your chosen journal/s and avoid those with predatory practices.

Book Publishers

It can also be difficult to find book publishers. The first step in finding a publisher for your book might be to ask your colleagues or ask your library liaison. Other resources include:

  • Member Presses: A listing of over 140 members of the Association of University Presses (AUP). An 8-page grid can help you identify university publishers in your subject area.
  • Search WorldCat and other library databases (limit to books), and find out who's publishing books on your topic. Then, review the publisher's website for their policies, etc.
  • Open Access Books: Consider publishing an open access book. Find more information about Open Access book collections on our Open Access guide.

Predatory book publishing does exist. As with predatory journal publishing, authors are charged exorbitant publication fees, receive no royalties, and often relinquish their copyrights. It is worthwhile to check the following by publisher name, since journal publishers also publish books: