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Research Impact & Metrics

Research Impact & Metrics

Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the economy, society, environment or culture, beyond the contribution to academic research.      --Australian Research Council, 2017

This guide focuses on how you can get your research read and discussed so that it can make those important contributions. Your research cannot have an impact if it can't be found. And, your research impact is usually a part of your annual review.

Other reasons to increase and measure your research impact:

  • For promotion and tenure portfolio
  • Better chances at receiving research funding
  • Show your individual or departmental productivity
  • Find out how others have cited your work
  • Showcase your work

Increase Your Impact

Measure Your Impact

  1. Get a researcher ID
  2. Create & maintain an online profile
  3. Get your work seen and cited
  4. Set up Citation/Author Alerts
  5. Use social media to promote your research 
  1. Author-level metrics
  2. Article-level metrics
  3. Journal/Publisher metrics
  4. Altmetrics
  5. Download counts