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MAE 434W & 435

Why Cite?

Using someone else's work without citation is plagiarism and may have serious consequences, especially for college students.

Any time you incorporate someone else's ideas or words into your paper or presentation, you must cite them. These ideas may not only come from books and journal articles, but from conversations, images, multimedia, speeches, blogs, etc. They need to be cited for several reasons:

  • to give credit to the authors or creators of those sources or ideas
  • to allow your readers to find and benefit from the exact sources you used
  • (in a college paper or project) to let your professor know how you arrived at your conclusions

For general guidance, see the ODU Libraries guide to citing sources (linked below). If you're unsure, ask your professor which style s/he prefers.

Citation Styles

Below are links to the various citation conventions in engineering disciplines.  Always confirm with your professor which citation style is preferred for work presented in his or her class.

A powerful tool for acquiring, organizing and managing references.  You may enter references manually into EndNote or export them from your database searches directly.  Use the "Cite While You Write" feature that allows you to incorporate references from your EndNote library directly into a Word Document.  At ODU, EndNote is free.  See the how-to guide "EndNote Installation & Help" for installations and use instructions.