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Copyright for Teaching

Find out how you can use copyrighted materials for teaching inside the classroom and online.


scales of justiceCopyright for Teaching @ ODU

Because of the proliferation of digital resources, copyright law continues to change. Even copyright experts have varying interpretations. This guide focuses on copyright issues for teaching materials -- text, images, music, video, etc. -- inside the classroom, online, and televised.

DISCLAIMER: Information in this guide is intended to provide guidance to faculty in making efforts to uphold copyright laws. Specific questions should be directed to University Counsel.

Image: Public Domain Files 

Before Using 3rd Party Materials in Your Teaching, Ask Yourself...

  1. Is it copyright-protected?
  2. Is it public domain?
  3. Is it open licensed? Does the library have a license?
  4. Is it fair use?
  5. Does it comply with the TEACH Act?
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