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Copyright for Teaching

Find out how you can use copyrighted materials for teaching inside the classroom and online.


scales of justiceCopyright for Teaching @ ODU

Because of the proliferation of digital resources, copyright law continues to change. Even copyright experts have varying interpretations. This guide focuses on copyright issues for teaching materials -- text, images, music, video, etc. -- inside the classroom, online, and televised.

DISCLAIMER: Information in this guide is intended to provide guidance to faculty in making efforts to uphold copyright laws. Specific questions should be directed to University Counsel.

Image: Public Domain Files 

Before Using 3rd Party Materials in Your Teaching, Ask Yourself...

  1. Is it copyright-protected?
  2. Is it public domain?
  3. Is it open licensed? Does the library have a license?
  4. Is it fair use?
  5. Does it comply with the TEACH Act?

Video - Educational Uses

Watch this 5-minute video from the U.S. Copyright Office (Learning Engine Series) created in 2019.

"Are you an educator or student that wonders what materials you can use for your lessons or classwork? In this video on copyright and educational uses, we explain the exceptions and limitations under copyright law for using other people’s works for educational purposes. You will also learn the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism."

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