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Graduate Research In Education

Understanding Scholarly Articles

Step One: Skim the article to get a basic idea of its structure & content.

Step Two: Read the abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Summarize the purpose, hypothesis, and results of the study. Highlight the areas that are directly related to the topic of your research. (Color-coding is always helpful!)

Step Three: Read the methods and instrumentation of the study. What type of study was used? Was it an interview, survey, experimental intervention?

Step Four: Read the author's conclusion again and summarize in your own words.

Step Five: What were the limitations of the study? Did the author make suggestions for future research?

PRO TIP: Keep a research journal where you keep notes on each of your articles. This will help you in with paraphrasing and synthesizing your research.


Navigate through the slides for a refresher on the importance of citation.

Writing Tips

This Prezi includes information and activities that will help you understand the differences between quotations, paraphrasing, and patchwriting. Some of the activities are meant to do in class, but others you can do on your own.