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E-Books at ODU Libraries

Electronic Books at ODU Libraries

ODU Libraries provide a growing number of e-books for our users. In general, when a book order is made, we will purchase the electronic edition (if available) rather than print.


  • Not all books are available in e-book format.  
  • Our e-books are restricted to registered ODU faculty, staff, and students.
  • E-books are provided by a variety of vendors and publishers, so they do not all look the same, and features can vary. There may be limitations on how much you can print or download, but reading online is limitless.
  • Sometimes our access to an e-book will change. Be sure to check at the beginning of every semester if you are planning to use an e-book for a class.
  • Most library e-book collections are presented in formats that are intended for viewing in a browser on a computer (as opposed to an e-book reader). 
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