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E-Books at ODU Libraries

Q&A about E-Books

  • Can I place e-books on reserve for my students to read?
    Yes. See our Course Reserves page for information on how to place an e-book on reserve.
  •  How do I order an e-book?
    You can fill out our Book Request Form or contact your Subject Librarian
  • I found an e-book listed in the library catalog, but when I clicked, it wasn't really there. What happened to it?
    In some cases, publishers will withdraw items from an e-book collection if they lose the rights to it. Once we find out, we will remove the record from our catalog. But there may be a lag time between e-book withdrawal and when we remove the record. If you need the book, you can request that we order it (see above).
  • The Libraries own a print book but I would like to use an electronic version of the book. How do I request that? You can email your Subject Librarian to request that they find out if this option is available.