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Graduate Research in the Sciences

It is important to cite the sources of your research. The citation style often depends on the academic discipline involved. There are several accepted citation styles/formats for research papers in each of the sciences. For general guidance, see the ODU Libraries guide to citing sources (linked below). If you're unsure, ask your professor which style s/he prefers. If preparing a manuscript for submission to a specific journal, consult the journal's guidelines for formatting and style.

Citation Styles by Subject

Council of Science Editors (CSE):

American Chemical Society (ACS):

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):

IEEE Computer Society Resources:

IEEE General Resources:

American Mathematical Society (AMS):

Chicago Manual of Style:

American Geophysical Union (AGU):

American Meteorological Society (AMS):

American Institute of Physics (AIP):

American Psychological Association:

Citation Management Software