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HMSV 440W & HMSV 343: Program Development and Methods

About Annotated Bibliographies

This two-minute video from Kimbel Library explains what an annotated bibliography is, and how it can help you understand your research. Enjoy!

You will be selecting 10 peer-reviewed articles for your annotated bibliography. Here are some tips that will help!

  • Don't select the first 10 articles you find. Save more than the minimum required, read them, and decide what is best for your research.
  • You will probably not find an article that fits your topic exactly. Your 10 articles as a whole should address each aspect of your topic. For example, one may be about a program similar to your agency, one may be about a particular problem or population group.

After you provide the citation in APA format, you will be writing a 150 word summary of the article. Luckily, you've already done your mindmap and analysis of your resources, so this will be easy!

An annotated bibliography should include:

  • Focus: What was the purpose of the study or research?
  • Research methods: How the authors did the study. Examples: Did the do interviews? Did they do a survey? How many people were involved? Describe the participants of the study.
  • Findings: What did the authors learn from the study?
  • Recommendations: Did the authors make any recommendations for future research? If so, what?
  • Relevance: How is this relevant to your research? How does it connect to your local agency?

NCSU Libraries provides this cool tool to learn about the different parts of a research article.

While all annotated bibliographies are different, depending upon what is required for the assignment, here are some examples of annotated bibliographies in APA format. These are not from HMSV 440 students so they won't look exactly like what yours will, but will give you a general idea.