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HMSV 440W & HMSV 343: Program Development and Methods


Getting started with your research is sometimes the hardest part! The purpose of this course guide is to help you with your HMSV 440W and HMSV 343 assignments. If you're still working on selecting an agency, here are some tips that will help you make a decision.

  • Think about what you are interested in. What types of agencies do you see yourself working in after you graduate?
  • Google local agencies related to your interests. Think about topic and type, rather than specific branding or organization. For example, instead of Boys & Girls Club and Norfolk, try "after school programs" and "middle school" and "Hampton Roads"
    • What is the mission and purpose? Does it align with your beliefs or interests?
    • What population does the agency serve? Are you interested in working with this population?
    • What is the geographic location? Urban, rural, suburban? Are you realistically going to be able to get to this agency to do your evaluations?

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