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HMSV 440W & HMSV 343: Program Development and Methods

Reading Strategies

Follow these steps to help you understand the articles that you read and incorporate into your assignments:

Step One: Skim the article to get a basic idea of its structure & content.
Step Two: Read the abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Summarize the purpose, hypothesis, and results of the study. Highlight the areas that are directly related to the topic of your research. (Color-coding is always helpful!)
Step Three: Read the methods and instrumentation of the study. What type of study was used? Was it an interview, survey, experimental intervention?
Step Four: Read the author's conclusion again and summarize in your own words.
Step Five: What were the limitations of the study? Did the author make suggestions for future research?

PRO TIP: Keep a research journal where you keep notes on each of your articles.

Parts of an Article

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