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Publishing Your Work

Before submitting your manuscript, be sure to research your chosen journal/s and avoid those with predatory practices.

Finding Journals for Your Articles

You probably want to publish your articles where they will have the greatest impact -- where they will be read and cited. Which journal has the appropriate scope and audience for your research? 

Note:  One of the benefits of open access publishing is that it is open for all readers, rather than those with a subscription. See our Open Access guide for more information.


  • Ask your colleagues
  • Ask your library liaison
  • Try using Web of Science to decide where to publish 
  • Search other library databases for your topic, and find out what journals are publishing those articles. Use the Publication limit option (if available) to see a ranked listing of the journals.
  • Use the various databases listed in the next tab (Databases for Finding Journal Information) to find journal rankings and other data.


  • Use Think Check Submit - A simple checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.

Lists by Discipline:

These are some online databases that can help you choose where to publish your work.

Use our Open Access guide to find Open Access Journals.

As with all publishing, open access journals can have predatory publishers.  Be sure to also use our resources to AVOID PREDATORY JOURNALS.