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Information Literacy Research Guide

This guide is focused on assignments for LIBS 110G but can be a good starting point for any research related to information literacy.

Digital Divides

Example Broad Topics:

  • The myth of digital natives
  • Digital divides among people with disabilities
  • Digital divides and political views in the United States
  • Examples of digital divides
  • Cost of information

News Deserts

Example Broad Topics:

  • How do individuals living in news deserts get information?
  • What are the impacts of news deserts on communities?

Censorship and Banned Books

Example Broad Topics:

  • History of banned books
  • Censorship of media
  • Banned books in public schools, public libraries, or university libraries
  • Computer filters in public schools or public libraries

Free Culture and Copyright

Example Broad Topics:

  • History of Creative Commons and role in information sharing
  • Value of Creative Commons
  • Cost of peer-reviewed research
  • Open Educational Resources and College Students
  • U.S. copyright and what it protects
  • How does copyright vs public domain vs open access
  • What are FLOSS and FOSS

Cost of Information

Example Broad Topics:

  • The academic publishing system
  • Cost of databases
  • "Big Deal" journal packages and academic libraries
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