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Information Literacy Research Guide

This guide is focused on assignments for LIBS 110G but can be a good starting point for any research related to information literacy.


Example broad topics:

  • Plagiarism and college students
  • Perceptions of plagiarism

Platform Regulations

Example broad topics:

  • Who is responsible for the spread of fake news?
  • What are the impacts of tech company monopolies?


Example broad topics:

  • What online behaviors of the general public are tracked by the U.S. Government?
  • Tracking GPS and vehicle use data- who has access and why?
  • Surveillance and healthcare
  • How is personal data collected and mined by big companies through quizzes on Facebook?

Virtual Assistants

Example broad topics:

  • Use of AI to help those living with illness or disability
  • Smart houses
  • Consumer knowledge about AI in households


Example broad topics:

  • Copyright and use of materials for educational purposes
  • Copyright law and art, music, film, etc.
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