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Information Literacy Research Guide

This guide is focused on assignments for LIBS 110G but can be a good starting point for any research related to information literacy.

Topics Related to Algorithmic Bias

Example Topics and Resources:

  • Big data and informed consent
  • Data and privacy
  • Big data and biased algorithms

Possible Topics and Resources:

  • Facial recognition software and ethical use
  • Bias in facial recognition software

Example Topics & Resources:

  • Who is responsible for bursting the filter bubble?
  • What is the filter bubble?
  • Information cocoons and the spread of information
  • Filter bubble and civic engagement
  • Filter bubble and news

Example Topics & Resources:

  • How Google retrieves search results
  • Bias in Google search results


Example Topics & Resources:

  • Use of predictive analytics in Education or Health Care
  • How are predictive recommendation systems use commercial services such as Amazon or Netflix
  • Predictive analytics and ethics
  • Predictive analytics and criminal justice

Example of Broad Topics:

  • Use of AI to help those living with illness or disability
  • Ways in which AI is used in education
  • Ethical issues related to AI
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