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Counseling and Human Services

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Karen Centeno

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Getting started with research is sometimes the hardest part! Most likely, you'll have to do some pre-search to figure out exactly what your research topic is going to be. For your presearch, I recommend spending some time exploring your topic(s) of interest, looking at:

  • Websites
  • Books
  • Encyclopedias & other Reference Resources

Encyclopedias & Reference Books

Reference sources are a great place to start your research, find basic facts and background information. Here are some examples of reference resources in Counseling & Human Services.


Books can be used for lots of things!

  • Basic knowledge
  • Historical Info
  • How To
  • In-Depth Info
  • Edited Books (Scholarly chapters written by different people on similar topics)
  • Bibliographies
  • Practial Purposes
  • Visuals
  • & More!