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Counseling and Human Services

#1 Finding Articles

My interview was with a friend who is Cuban-American. Her family came to the U.S. as refugees before she was born. She grew up in a Spanish-speaking household with a large family. She talked about how proud she is to be a first-generation college student and the challenges that come with it. I would like to find articles about interpersonal communication and Cuban culture.

Step One: Brainstorm possible keywords
: Cuban, Cuban-American, Cuban Culture, Interpersonal Communication, Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Societal Norms, Cuban Refugees, etc.


Step Two: Develop possible search strategies.

   Cuban-American AND Communication

   Cuba* AND culture AND communication

   "interpersonal communication" AND Cuba*

   "cuban-american" and "first generation college"


Step Three: Analyze what you find

You will not find "one perfect source" for your topic. You'll probably find several articles that focus on one aspect of the culture that you want to focus on and communication. For example, you may find an article about non-verbal communication and the culture. You also may find an article that talks about how the culture views specific issues such as dating or marriage, or how cultures view public schools and education, or how exposure to violence impacts culture and communication. Within these articles, you will find information about communication in regards to that specific topic. 

#2 Where to Search

Class Presentation (Choudhury)

Related Books

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