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Open Access

Find out what "Open Access" is, why it's important, and where you can find open access journals, books and resources.


Open Access Week Events @ Perry Library

October 21-25, 2019

October 22

2-3 p.m.
Room 1310
Open for Students and Educators: Open Educational Resources Level the Playing Field

Open educational resources (OERs) are not usually a hard sell for students. But what about educators? How do they benefit from having access to resources that are licensed openly? Join us for an ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Webcast and discussion.

October 23

12:00-1:30 p.m.
Room 1311
Paywall: The Business of Scholarship

Watch a screening of the "Paywall" documentary and participate in a discussion about issues with for-profit academic publishers.

October 24

1-2:30 p.m.
Room 1306
What's the Big Deal? How and Why Virginia Institutions are Rethinking our Biggest Journal Bundles
Join us for a presentation and discussion with Brandon Butler, Director of Information Policy at University of Virginia Libraries. For the last two decades, Virginia research institutions have been buying research the same way consumers have been buying television: in big bundles. And like cable packages, these bundles have become bloated with content nobody wants, and their prices have exploded at rates only a monopolist could love. Come learn why Virginia institutions are looking seriously at cutting the cord, and how open access is both the foundation and the next step in this process. We need faculty input and interest in these important decisions.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Light refreshments will be served at all events.
RSVP to Karen Vaughan, 683-4184



October 23

Room 1310-11

Open Educational Resources Forum and Roundtable
         Lucinda Rush will share preliminary results of a student survey examining TCC transfer student perceptions of their experiences with zero textbook courses and traditional courses. Attendees will hear from student panelists, and participate in round table discussions with students and faculty who have experience with OER courses.

October 25

Room 1306

Open Access Open House
          Drop in and chat with our scholarly communication experts about issues in open access, such as author rights and copyright, publishing options in our institutional repository, open educational resources, data management, and scholarly metrics and impact. 

October 26

Room 1306

ICPSR Workshop
         Storing and accessing data has become an integral part of the research process. Repositories, both open and subscription-based, are available.  James Rhoades will show you how to use the ICPSR database to find and use data sets for your research.  To register, contact James Rhoades,


Increase Faculty Impact with

Brown Bag Series

Sponsored by the Old Dominion University Libraries 
October 24-28, 2016

All events will be held in the Learning Commons @ Perry Library

October 24

Room 1306


Open Educational Resources for the Classroom
A two-part hands-on workshop by Lucinda Rush and Deri Draper

Part 1 of the workshop will focus on Open Textbooks: learn about cost issues for students, CC Licensing, and open textbooks in your field. You’ll also learn about a $200 stipend you can receive for a written review of an open textbook from the Open Textbook Library. In Part 2 of the workshop, you’ll receive assistance in identifying and evaluating existing open and affordable course resources in your discipline, and explore how you can use them in various combinations.

October 26

Room 1310-11



Data Management and Public Access Requirements
A forum facilitated by George Fowler

Most funders require public access to research results, including data. Participate in a dialog about data management questions, issues, and what support you need from the University in order to strengthen your proposals and comply with funder requirements. Representatives from ITS, the Office of Research, and the Research Foundation will also be there. George Fowler is University Librarian and Chair of the University’s Research and Scholarly Data Governance Committee.

October 27

Room 1310-11


Increase the Global Impact of Your Scholarship with Open Access
A workshop by Karen Vaughan and Corrie Marsh, hosted by the Office of Research

Learn how your scholarly and creative works can have a global impact.  As an author/creator, you can ensure that your work will be accessible to the widest possible audience. To facilitate Open Access, we will review copyright contracts and discuss how to negotiate with journal publishers to retain author rights.


All events will be held in the Learning Commons @ Perry Library, Conference Room 1310

October 19
Understanding Open Access: Myth Busters
Ashley Brewer, Topher Lawton, Corrie Marsh:  ODU Libraries
October 20
Virginia Open Education: The Z-Degree and Open Educational Resources at TCC 
Steve Litherland, Olivia Reinauer, Joy Yaeger: Tidewater Community College Libraries
October 22
History of Open Access and a Glimpse of the Future
Robert Schatz:  BioMed Central
October 26
Open Educational Resources at ODU
Lucy Rush:  ODU Libraries
Jennifer Kidd, Chris Glass, Dylan Wittkower: ODU Faculty
Darryl Atkinson: Manager, ODU Bookstore

Open Access Myths

Tidewater Community College's Textbook-Free "Z-Degree"

Textbook-free degree

Video presentation

Articles:  SlateLumen Learning

BioMed Central:  

About BioMed Central 

Open Educational Resources Links for Panel Presenters

Jennifer Kidd’s students in Foundations of Education (TLED 301) create their own teaching and learning Wikibook each semester

Here is one student’s recent chapter with a variety of media and teaching strategies

Christopher Glass is working on an open resource of in-depth information for and about higher education

Dylan Wittkower has created open access recordings of public domain works:  LibriVox readings;  On Existentialism and Islam

Darryl Atkinson:   Follet Discover